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Praelia Nox (Book Four)

 A Secret Revolution.

Lia Rector has finally overcome the darkness within. Rector Enterprises is secure, Castle Laurus is filled with family and friends, and even her personal life is finally on track. Her journey has been difficult, but she made it out the other side. Too bad her struggles aren’t over. Oberon Taine has been plotting to take over for decades, hiding his plans by causing strife and confusion. Family friends turned out to be foes, former enemies are allies, and their very way of life is in danger. The Irregulars are preparing for the final battle – but so are the dark magicians united against them. As the day of reckoning draws near, Lia and her allies must figure out how to stop their enemies before all is lost.

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Darkness Wins (Book Three)

 Can she keep what is hers?

Seventeen-year-old Mirabilia Rector spends her days studying magic, combat training, and trying to unravel her mother’s mysterious message about a man named Adrian. She has finally convinced her guardian, Armageddon, to train her for missions with the Irregulars, the elite magical law enforcement group based at Castle Laurus. Lia has a new boyfriend and once her best friend Peter comes home, she couldn’t be happier.
Then a message arrives, calling up the darkness she carries inside. Now she has to find a way to defeat her most hated enemy, Oberon Taine, before she loses everything. Again.

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Irregular Magic (Book Two)

Time is running out.

Lia Rector finally connected to the magic running through her veins, but only the small silver star around her neck keeps the world safe from her overwhelming strength. She needs her uncle’s help now more than ever, but he’s missing. Forced out of her refuge by enemies unknown, she and her friends hit the road. Will they find Armageddon before it’s too late?

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Armageddon’s Ward (Book One)

It’s not the end of the world. Yet.

Lia Rector spent her childhood devoid of magic – no easy life for the sole heir to the largest magical corporation in the world. Then Armageddon comes for her on her seventeenth birthday. Her new guardian hides her from the dark magicians determined to take what is hers. Now Lia is racing against the clock to discover the key to her magic before she loses everything in an arena full of her greatest enemies. She knows it wouldn’t really be the end of the world if she fails. Just her life.

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