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T.J. Kelly writes Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Sci-fi novels. Destiny called on her thirteenth birthday when her mother asked the local bookstore owner to choose thirteen books a girl her age might like. The resulting pile of sci-fi and fantasy novels was her first love.

When she can tear herself away from reading and writing, T.J. watches movies, asks countless questions, and bakes treats. Originally from California, T.J. Kelly now lives in Texas where she’s hard at work on the companion novels to the Armageddon’s Ward series.


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Armageddon’s Ward Series Novels

Armageddon’s Ward is a series of four novels about Lia Rector. Check them out below.

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It’s not the end of the world. Yet.

Forced to fight for her inheritance, seventeen-year-old Lia Rector must face dozens of powerful magicians. Too bad she might not get her magic in time. If she even lives that long.


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Lia and her friends out on the road.

Book Two in the series. Lia’s uncle is missing. Forced out of her refuge by enemies unknown, she and her friends hit the road, determined to rescue Armageddon or die trying.


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Darkness Wins

Can she keep what is hers?

Things seem pretty much perfect. If only she could control her emotions the way she learned to control her magic. Will her family and friends be enough to save her from the darkness within?


Praelia Nox, Book 4 of the Armageddon's Ward Series. (affiliate link)

Praelia Nox

A secret revolution.

An unexpected enemy eventually leads to an unexpected war. Follow Lia and her friends as they fight to save the world as they know it before it’s too late.


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