New News (Secret, Secret, I’ve Got a Secret!!)

It has recently come to my attention that I pretty much never update my blog. 🤣 I spoke to a few author friends about it, and I am now the newest member of a fiction writing blog rotation where we each take a turn selecting an inspirational picture to write about once a week. I selected an image and wrote my obligatory story.

The picture spoke to me because it was pretty dead -on accurate imagery of a scene I had in mind. But…. I can’t share it. You see, the scene is from an ultra top-secret project I have plotted for the future. I am designing an entire series that should blow your mind. If I do it right. And part of that is… secrets.

So here is my alternate blog post – telling you that YOU will be happy that *I* am hiding things from you!

As for where I am at with the current series: book two, Irregular Magic, is coming out this month. There were several hiccups in my publishing timeline, including my editor’s nearly month-long hospital stay! Book three is a completed manuscript dying for some tender loving care this November with a [reasonable] target of a February publish date. I hope to have it loaded and ready for a pre-order giveaway contest in January. If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you will know that I love to give stuff away, including printed copies of my bookFollow me if you would like to participate or join my Facebook group for exclusive news and additional giveaways.

Book four is still in the wings and will commence in January. I’m a part of an awesome writing group that will be hosting our own, tiny version of a novel writing month. I’ve written some of my best work during those frantic months, both through the group and the official National Novel Writing Month. There is something so encouraging about other authors as intent on completing a novel in thirty days as I am. Or maybe it’s just knowing I’m not the only one crazy enough to take on that challenge.

(Just to update (2019), my writing partners had a lot of life things happen and we are no longer doing a round-robin picture prompt group. However, deciding that it’s important to keep up with my readers, I’ve started my own. What better way to stay on top of things than to be in charge? Wish me luck!)

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