Today is a Big Day

Today is a big day for me. I’ve spent months rewriting, editing, re-rewriting, re-editing, and polishing until my manuscript is squeaky clean. I hope. Have you ever noticed when you work on something you love *so much* you end up maybe a teensy bit blind? Well, that’s me. I missed several embarrassing and obvious typos. Thanks to a team of very patient and loving beta readers, not to mention my amazing editor, I *think* we caught them all. If I didn’t – please shoot me an email and let me know so I can cringe and cry and then do something about it before too many other people notice!

I also managed to get my website up and running. A huge thank-you and shout-out to my creative designer for not yelling at me [too often, *ahem*] every time I said, “eh, I think it was better the way you did it after all.” Hey, I never claimed to be an artist. At least, not a graphic artist. I suppose you can consider a writer an artist in their own right. Except we paint with words. But only on paper – apparently, telling somebody “okay, I want fuzzy magic” might not mean what I think it means when it comes to time to translate that into a visual medium. It was worth it, though. Seriously. I love my book cover and website banner and newsletter banner and logo….

By the way, if you want to set up your own newsletter using an easy service, please don’t ask for my help. I like to think I’m a smart and capable person, but it turns out, I’m kind of not. At least when it comes to newsletter creation. I can write content all day long, but ask me to create a landing page and I’ll probably start crying. Hysterically.

So, back to my Big Day. Today is the day I go live and introduce myself to the world!

Hi. I’m T.J. Kelly. You can call me TJ if you want to contact me through my website, or if you want to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I would be thrilled to hear from you. Feedback is always welcome! Especially if you like something. I would be more than happy to pass along any compliments to the various people who supported me with a lot of love and kindness. Seriously, I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it is to know there are so many amazing people in this world.

Armageddon’s Ward is the first novel in my Armageddon’s Ward series. Book two (Irregular Magic) is in edits and will be published in 2018. Book three (working title – Darkness Wins) has been completed and is sitting pretty, waiting for my first rewrites before I mail the manuscript to my editor. That will be released in 2019. Book four is secret and I’ll tell you more later. Until then, please sign up for my newsletter, and I will send you updates and exclusive content (that’s my code word for “short stories” my friends, and they will tide you over until the next book is published, I promise).

I’ve decided to shoot for the stars (and if you can’t tell by my website and logo, I adore stars, both the image and the giant balls of gas floating in space) and I have submitted Armageddon’s Ward to the Kindle Scout program. That means I’m hoping they notice my book, love it as much as I do, and decide they want to publish it. If you nominate it and they select my book for publishing, you will receive a free copy! All you need is an Amazon account (and those are free). If they don’t select my book for publishing, never fear, my book will be available for free on launch day (e-book version) as a special thank-you to anyone who has nominated my book!

In the next few posts, I’ll share more about myself. But for now, please know that I’m happy you’re here and I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day.

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