The Essential Author Gift List – Presents for Writers

**What Every Writer Should Have In Their Arsenal**

Whether you are shopping for yourself or others, businesses know we’re looking for sales! Especially this time of year.

The Best Presents for Writers

Like any author, I have a wishlist, and I’ve asked some of the best authors I know for recommendations. Hopefully, this list will inspire you no matter who you’re shopping for! Since I rave about the products and books I own so often, I’ve applied to the affiliate programs for the best. That means I get the skinny on when the sales go down. It doesn’t cost you anything to use my links but I get a small percentage of the sale. For instance, as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I can’t thank you enough for your time and I hope my recommendations inspire you. ❤


The following books are all ***highly rated*** in the writing community. They are considered to be the best books for writers, new and experienced. Click on the image for more information, including the description and reviews on Amazon.






One thing writers love to do – read! Kindle Unlimited allows access to millions of fiction and non-fiction books for a small monthly fee. Too busy to sit in one place? There get a subscription to Audible! There are also tons of useful tools for writers, from editing software to music apps (many authors find inspiration in music). Check them out below:

Amazon Music– either get FOUR months for almost nothing or try their free trial!

Audible is on a major sale for the first three months! Sale ends on Dec. 31st. Give a gift membership or treat yourself!

Kindle Unlimitedone thing authors and readers have in common is we all read books! That can get expensive but KU to the rescue. Read books galore for a small monthly fee. You don’t have to have a Kindle – you can use the app on pretty much any device. But if you want one (that also doubles as a tablet), I recommend the Fire Tablet. The Paperwhite is easier on the eyes for sensitive readers. Either way, you can access millions of books, including my Armageddon’s Ward series. 😉 Amazon has a screaming good deal going on right now.

ProWritingAidThis is hands down the best editing software I’ve used. Obviously there is no replacement for a human editor, but I can assure you, this will take care of an incredible amount of issues. Grammar, spelling, repetitive words, so many features that the last time I got a book back from my editor, I had hundreds of pages without a mark on them. There are monthly subscriptions to ProWritingAid but the best deal is lifetime access.  Use discount code  Check it out!

Bookish Items

Below is a list of items that writers love, love, love! Writing-prompt journal, gorgeous black-ink pens, adorable pencil holders… not to mention jewelry! There is something out there for everyone – inspiring, encouraging, or funny, these are some of the best.





I hope these suggestions help you select the perfect gift for the writer in your life. Or, helped you treat yourself to celebrate a special event – like publishing a novel! Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a fun time shopping!

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