Tips to Staying on Track (Blogging)

I was reviewing the weekly blog topic and thought it was kind of funny because it’s basically asking us to rat ourselves out. 🤣

Share how to achieve a good habit or overcome a bad one.

Honestly, both usually go hand in hand. I often form a good habit to break out of a bad one.

How many of you want to do something regularly – like creating blog posts so you can interact with your readers? Or post on social media?

For me, I sincerely want to write short stories, give glimpses into my life…. And hear back from you! I love talking about fiction (writing and reading). And what better way to reach other people than a blog, am I right? 😁

How did I go from once-a-year posts to weekly?

I looked for a support system. Initially, I joined a private group chat with a few writers with the same goal and we did a couple of exchanges before life and illnesses took out 2/3 of the participants! That is when I realized I needed to think bigger.

I looked for a group that had regular posts about blog topics regardless of participation. That means if one person, twelve people, or nobody does a blog post that week, a new opportunity will come up the next week. Period. Structure and consistency are key to success.

Nobody had one so I created it myself. I couldn’t find anything anywhere that was posting weekly topics and tips. Yes, there are plenty of blogs and articles discussing those subjects. And I read them often. But I wanted regular prompts and a more interactive experience and didn’t see it. So crazy me, I volunteered to create what I was looking for.

My inspiration now comes from the responsibility and deadlines. Once I created Blog Thursday, that meant I had to keep up my end of the bargain and create suggested topics and discuss helpful tips every single week. Then I had to write a blog post based on my suggestion to keep it going regardless of participation.

Since this project is in the early days, I’ve provided opportunities to introduce ourselves and our projects as well as fiction prompts. If I want to get to know you… I should open the door to getting to know me!

This strategy may not be for everyone. And goodness knows we are busy people! I’m fortunate that I had a little time that I could carve out and dedicate to Blog Thursday.

If you have the time, take the plunge. Go for it. Be the thing you’re looking for. Read what the experts have to say and then make it your own. Then offer it to others.

Group activities make it better. Yes, I made a commitment to do Blog Thursday regardless of who participates, but I feel even more inspired to keep it up the more others join in. I hope that someday I will be bombarded by shares based on the weekly topic!

Gone is the bad habit of looking back on missed time and opportunities. I’ve replaced it with good habits and accountability.

Would you like to join us for Blog Thursday? Join Fiction Writers Group on Facebook and dive right in! As a bonus, we share the links to all related Blog Thursday posts from group members on our WordPress site. Nothing wrong with a little added promotion!

Is there something you feel you should be doing? Leave a comment and let’s discuss! Maybe we can come up with a strategy that works for you. 😃 You can also join my readers group and have a chat!

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